An evolving identity
for a dynamic field.
22-BIT Conference
Visual Identity
22-BIT is a conference exploring how bias manifests in AI systems and the impact it has in real world applications. Revolving around the simple pixel, this visual identity is a flexible language that evolves over time. As visitors gain more knowledge during the span of the conference, pixels begin to converge into higher resolution shapes, expressing clarity and awareness developing.
Power to the pixel.
One square, infinite possibilities.
As the conference progresses, pixels begin to cluster and group together. Previously abstract compositions, these pixels gradually transform to more defined shapes and symbols.
Code becomes clarity.
In the midst of knowledge.
Pixel graphics inform visitors of wayfinding and event themes. Although the graphics are much more clearly defined, there are still a few pixels out of place. Only true clarity will be revealed after the event has come to a close.
Capstone Project